Trust in a Trustless Future.

And he said unto them, 'Verily I say unto you, a trustless financial system leads to deceit and strife, but a just system built upon trust and honesty brings prosperity and peace.
{Verily, their judgement was in error}
Divine favor

Why Tecnodes


Unparalleled Security

We take every measure to provide unparalleled security and reliability.


Carrier Grade Hardware

We use the latest and most advanced hardware to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Diversified Team

With a geographically diversified team, we offer reliable services across different regions.



latency < 0.04ms
port: 26556
location: unknown
uses: nym-gw


latency < 0.02ms
port: 18080
deals in $xmr


latency < 0.045ms
port: 8545
location: unknown
uses: Speakeasy
Featured Network

SUI Network


About SUI

Sui is a layer-1 blockchain optimizing for low-latency blockchain transfers. Its focus on instant transaction finality and high-speed transaction throughput make Sui a suitable platform for on-chain use cases like games, finance, and other real-time applications.

Sui Team

The Sui team consists of Evan Cheng, Adeniyi Abiodun, Sam Blackshear, George Danezis and Kostas Chalkias, five ex-Meta engineers who previously worked in the Novi division. They started up Mysten Labs to build and develop Sui.

Why Sui

Sui differs from other blockchains it employs different consensus and transaction processing mechanism. Instead of validating each tx by all nodes, it takes a look only at the relevant piece of data instead of validating the entire chain



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